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Opening of the 6th Echoes of Gongs festival in Nam Giang

Translated by CAM HY Jun 26, 2024 12:00

(QNO) - The 6th Echoes of Gongs festival themed "Nam Giang - Shimmering cultural colors," officially opened in Thanh My town, Nam Giang district (Quang Nam province).
An art performance at the opening ceremony of the festival

The Echoes of Gongs festival is a cultural event organized biennially by Nam Giang district. The festival opening ceremony of the 6th Echoes of Gongs festival was attended by the leaders of Nam Giang district, Ngoc Lac district (Thanh Hoa province), delegates and local residents.
Mr. A Viet Son, Chairman of the People's Committee of Nam Giang district, delivers the opening speech at the festival.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. A Viet Son, Chairman of the People's Committee of Nam Giang District, the Echoes of Gongs festival aims to preserve and promote the cultural values of local ethnic groups.

It also aims to promote the campaign "All people unite to build cultural lifestyle", awaken aspirations and pride in ethnic identity, enhance positive contributions, self-reliance, resilience in socio-economic development.

The festival is also expected to introduce national and international friends the potential and strengths in cultural and tourism development of Nam Giang during its renewal and integration process.
The organizers offer participants flowers and commemorative flags.

The festival involves 12 delegations comprising 800 artisans and amateur actors from 12 communes and towns across the entire district.
A large number of delegates and local residents attend the festival's opening ceremony.

At the event, Mr. A Viet Son, Chairman of Nam Giang District People's Committee, highlighted that the festival will establish a space for traditional culture, featuring stilt houses exhibiting historical artifacts, cultural items, and unique local products. Activities will included musical performances, demonstrations of hand-woven fabrics, sculptures, and traditional weaving.
Reenactment of a wedding ceremony of the Ve people, Nam Giang district

The main activities of this festival include: traditional cuisine competition, exhibition of historical and cultural artifacts, local specialties, performances with traditional musical instruments, and demonstrations of traditional crafts like weaving, brocade making, and sculpture.

In addition, local units will compete in presenting traditional costumes of ethnic groups, performing gong and showcasing excerpts from rituals like the land blessing ceremony of the Co Tu people, traditional Co Tu weddings, new rice celebrations of the Ta Rieng people, and traditional weddings of the Ve people.
An excerpt from the land blessing ceremony of the Co Tu people.
The new rice celebration of the Ta Rieng people was reenacted on the opening ceremony stage.

The closing and summary program of the festival will be held on the evening of June 26th at the district sports complex.

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Opening of the 6th Echoes of Gongs festival in Nam Giang