Nam Giang - Dak Cheung, 10 years of friendship

Translated by HO THU Jul 09, 2024 14:23

(QNO) - 2024 marks the 10-year anniversary of the memorandum of understanding on development cooperation between Nam Giang (Quang Nam, Vietnam) and Dak Cheung (Sekong, Laos).

Nam Giang International Border Gate

Traditional solidarity

The relationship between the two localities has always been strengthened by specific actions, contributing to the deepening of the traditional Vietnam - Laos solidarity.

A lot of Laotian people in the border area have relatives and friends in Nam Giang (Quang Nam), and vice versa. So, they usually visit each other on the occasion of festivals and holidays.

Son Phet from Dak Ta Ooc Nhay (Dak Cheung) annually goes to Dak Toi (Nam Giang) to celebrate Tet (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) with his relatives and friends. On this occasion, he often brings fresh Dong leaves, Codonopsis, sticky rice, and dried pine wood to them.

Son Phet and his family go through immigration procedures at the border checkpoint.

Long before Dak Toi and Dak Ta Ooc Nhay's twinning relationship, people in the border areas of Laos and Vietnam were exchanging visits. They usually support and share their goods and necessities with each other. This cultural exchange has long existed and is now becoming even closer.

Gifts from Son Phet’s family to Vietnamese friends and relatives in Dak Toi

The leaders of Dak Toi and Cho Chun communes (Nam Giang, Quang Nam) also often visit and extend their New Year greetings to their twin villages of Dak Ta Ooc Nhay, Dak Dom, Dak Dieng, and Con Zong on the occasion of Bunpimay, the traditional Laotian New Year festival.

In addition, the two localities usually organise friendly volleyball matches and solidarity meals.

Gifts from Dak Toi to Dak Ta Ooc Nhay

The two districts have carried out a number of activities in the past few years, including Nam Giang increasingly providing medical examinations and treatments for people on both sides of the border, working together to complete 33 milestones set by Quang Nam and Sekong, planning yearly conferences, exchanges, and New Year's visits, and supporting Dak Chung's socio-economic development and bettering the lives of the locals.

Signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between Nam Giang and Dak Cheung for the 2022 - 2025 period

According to Pheng Na Chan Tha Phon, Secretary of the Dak Cheung Party Committee, the district always appreciates contributions and assistance from Nam Giang and Quang Nam authorities in supporting socio-economic development.

Dak Cheung hopes to continue closely cooperating in implementing the agreement on border regulations between the two countries, strengthening relations, exchanging information on national security, and conducting joint border patrols between the forces of the two districts.

Strengthening cooperation

Both Nam Giang and Dak Cheung share a common characteristic, three ethnic components, including the Co Tu, Ve, and Ta Rieng. So, the foreign affairs between the two localities continue to be strengthened.

Nam Giang helps Dak Cheung residents with cattle for their economic development.

In particular, Nam Giang has provided medical equipment and supplies, rice, and necessities to support Dak Cheung in Covid-19 prevention and control and production development.

Nam Giang and Dak Cheung also frequently organise exchanges on the occasion of the traditional New Year of the two peoples and other significant events, maintaining annual conferences to strengthen solidarity and foster closer bonds between the two districts and their twinning villages in the border areas.

A gift from Nam Giang to Dak Cheung

The two districts always cherish, nurture, and promote their good friendship, special solidarity, and comprehensive cooperation for the benefit of their residents, peace, stability, cooperation, and development of the two parties, countries, and peoples.

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Nam Giang - Dak Cheung, 10 years of friendship