Nam Giang officials send New Year greetings to Ka Lum province

Translated by CAM HY Apr 12, 2024 22:14

(QNO) - On April 11th, on the occasion of Lao traditional New Year (Bunpimay), a group of Nam Giang district officials led by Mr. Le Van Huong - Secretary of the Nam Giang district Party Committee, visited and extended New Year wishes to the Party, government, and people in Ka Lum district (Sekong province, Laos).
At the meeting

At the visit, the leaders from Nam Giang and Ka Lum districts shared information about their notable achievements in socio-economic development.

Secretary of Nam Giang district Party Committee Huong extended New Year greetings to Ka Lum district on the occasion of Laos' traditional New Year. He hoped the cooperation between the two provinces would be tightened for mutual development.
Mr. Huong sends New Year greetings to Ka Lum district.

In reply, the Secretary of Ka Lum district Party Committee expressed his gratitude for the sentiments of Nam Giang district's Party Committee, government, and people towards his locality.

He also expressed a desire for enhanced cooperation between the two sides in various fields, particularly in border areas, to maintain mutual security and defense.

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Nam Giang officials send New Year greetings to Ka Lum province