40 years of Quang Nam - Sekong friendship

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(QNO) - The celebration of the 40th anniversary of Sekong province (Laos) held on April 4th marks 40 years of the Quang Nam - Sekong friendship.

A working visit of Quang Nam provincial Party Committee Secretary Luong Nguyen Minh Triet to Laos

Stabilization and development of Quang Nam - Sekong border area

Sekong province established a special cooperative relationship with Quang Nam - Danang province in 1984 and with Quang Nam in 1997.

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs of Quang Nam province, the comprehensive cooperative relationship between Quang Nam and Sekong has recently developed strongly.

Quang Nam and Sekong leaders’ visits at all levels have promoted the good implementation of the commitments made by the two sides.

Notably, twin villages between Quang Nam and Sekong border areas established since 2012 have contributed to strengthening the solidarity and friendship between Quang Nam and Sekong.

For common development

According to Party Secretary and Governor of Sekong province Lechlay Sivilay, during the past 40 years, Sekong received financial support for hundreds of projects with a total value of tens of billions of VND from several provinces and cities in Vietnam.

Among them are projects and programs from Quang Nam province, especially in the fields of health, education, agriculture, defense, and security.

Secretary Luong Nguyen Minh Triet (left) and Sekong Party Secretary and Governor Lechlay Sivilay

In recent years, Quang Nam has supported Sekong province to build Huoi Xai Primary School in Tha Teng district and a primary school in La Mam district.

Besides, Sekong people received free medical examinations, medication distribution, and gifts from Quang Nam province. Quang Nam also financed the Vietnamese Association in Sekong province to build communal houses, organize traditional Vietnamese holidays, etc.

Currently, 168 students from Sekong are studying in Quang Nam province. 30 Sekong leaders and managers are taking a 6-month political course at Quang Nam School of Politics.

Quang Nam has also made an agricultural technology transfer to 15 Sekong agricultural and forestry officials.

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40 years of Quang Nam - Sekong friendship