Quang Nam: Industrial development adapting to Industry 4.0

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(QNO) - Deputy Head of the Central Economic Commission, Nguyen Duc Hien, had recently had a working session with the Quang Nam provincial Party Committee.

Scene of the working session. Photo: baotintuc

The working session focused on the orientation for building national industrial development policies by 2030, with a vision to 2045, and initiatives for proactively participating in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0.

At the working session, Ho Quang Buu, Deputy Chairman of the Quang Nam provincial People's Committee, said that the infrastructure for maritime transportation, aviation, roadways, residential and resettlement areas, and worker housing basically meets the industrial development needs in Quang Nam in line with the development orientation set by the Government of Vietnam.

Till now, about 1,440 enterprises have been operating in industrial parks and clusters in Quang Nam. It is noteworthy that Quang Nam has built three new industrial parks, bringing the total number of industrial parks and clusters in the province to 18, with a total area of 3,676 hectares.

Ho Quang Buu at the working session. Photo: baotintuc

Leaders in Quang Nam openly admitted that, for a variety of reasons, the province's industrial development has not actually kept pace with its potential.

The province supports and promotes businesses to make investments in the growth of the silicate, supporting, and mechanical industries.

However, there have not yet been unified decisions for local implementation. Quang Nam has also been unable to satisfy the need for industrial development due to its limited supply of industrial land and clusters.

Quang Nam has currently been paying much attention to completing the related mechanisms and policies to proactively participate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the digital transformation process.

The province has also focused on building e-government, progressing towards digital government, developing smart cities, and fostering the digital economy, circular economy, green economy, and digital society. At the same time, Quang Nam is developing essential infrastructure, especially data infrastructure, to meet the demands of the digital revolution, advancing science and technology, enhancing innovative innovation capacities, and developing human resources that can adapt to new requirements.

However, Quang has been facing a lot of difficulties in the local industrial development due to unsynchronised governmental resolutions, limits of industrial land, and unperfected communications infrastructure, especially in remote and border areas. The province wishes to receive the support from the Central government.

Nguyen Duc Hien, Deputy Head of the Central Economic Commission, highly appreciated Quang Nam’s achievements. He promised to submit the provincial proposals and recommendations to the competent authorities in order to facilitate provincial and national industry development and digital transformation.

(Source: baotintuc)

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Quang Nam: Industrial development adapting to Industry 4.0