Biotech industry in Quang Nam

Translated by HO THU Apr 25, 2024 08:55

(QNO) - Quang Nam sets a goal of developing the biotech industry into an important economic and technical sector, contributing about 7% to the provincial GRDP (Gross Regional Domestic Product) by 2030.

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Quang Nam has recently launched a plan to develop and apply biotechnology to provincial sustainable development in a new situation.

Accordingly, Quang Nam will focus on exploiting the provincial potential and strengths to develop appropriate and effective biotechnology, creating breakthroughs in agriculture, processing industry, medicine and pharmacy, and the environment, positively contributing to the provincial socio-economic development and the national sustainable development in the new situation.

The biotech industry is expected to become an important economic and technological sector by 2030, accounting for about 7% of the province’s GRDP and providing essential services required by society.

At the same time, Quang Nam will build a biotechnology centre with the aim of preserving the provincial rare plant varieties and producing agricultural commodities for consumption and export.

In addition, Quang Nam will research and apply the world’s modern and advanced technologies to agricultural production, promoting the development of the biotech industry.

Quang Nam also strives to own a developed biotech industry in Central Vietnam and the Highlands by 2045, providing around 10-15% for the provincial GRDP.

To reach the goals above, Quang Nam is making every effort to raise awareness of and improve mechanisms and policies for the development and application of biotechnology in the new situation.

Besides, the province deploys the development and application of biotechnology to production and life, developing biotechnology into an important economic and technical sector, building and developing resources, and promoting cooperation in the research and application of biotechnology.


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Biotech industry in Quang Nam