A wave of investment flowing to Tam Ky

Translated by HO THU Jun 17, 2024 08:04

(QNO) - As the centre of Quang Nam province, Tam Ky city has relatively full development in transportation infrastructure, industry, commerce, and services. Therefore, it is becoming a magnet attracting real estate investors.

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Tam Ky city. Photo: baodautu

Quang Nam, the focus of regional development
Quang Nam has a great advantage in terms of location and transportation infrastructure, as it is located on key routes in the Central coastal provinces. This helps Quang Nam become a leading economic hub in the region.

Quang Nam has been among the top provinces attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) for several years.

By the end of 2023, there were 193 FDI projects in place, with a total investment of USD 6.08 billion. The investment projects are mainly concentrated in the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, coastal tourism areas, and industrial clusters in the province.

Quang Nam currently has a perfect interconnected transportation infrastructure network, including main roads (National Highway 1A, coastal road from Đa Nang to Chu Lai, Đa Nang - Quang Ngai expressway), airways (located between the two international airports of Da Nang and Chu Lai), waterways (2 deep water ports of Dung Quat, Ky Ha, and adjacent port of Tien Sa).

This synchronous system of transportation infrastructure helps to effectively connect industrial parks and clusters, urban areas, and service sectors across the province, facilitating interregional and international connections smoothly.

Reportedly, Quang Nam has identified provincial focuses for future development, including improving the quality of urbanisation in both existing and new urban areas, gradually reducing pressure on the Hoi An ancient town by developing urban space in the eastern region of Dien Ban, Duy Xuyen, and Thang Binh.

At the same time, Tam Ky will see a significant development as it emerges with Nui Thanh. The comprehensive development of Quang Nam is a launchpad for the sustainable, long-term growth of the local real estate market.
A surge in real estate wave

Quang Nam has made every effort to develop Tam Ky city via many major projects, including a five-year medium-term public investment plan for 2021–2025 with a total capital of VND 3,569 billion.

The province gives priority to the interconnection between and infrastructure completion of urban and residential areas, thereby driving socio-economic development.

Besides, the important factor in attracting investment in Tam Ky is its strategic location as the economic, political, cultural, and scientific centre of Quang Nam province.

Furthermore, the connectivity between Da Nang, Quang Nam, and Quang Ngai enables Tam Ky to keep pace with the modernisation of the entire region.

Tam Ky is now considered a promising area for real estate projects, facilitating modern residential and urban projects, contributing to enhancing the city’s landscape, and improving the quality of local life.

Tam Ky is currently in the golden period of attracting investment, becoming a new destination for many leading enterprises such as Sun Group, NovaGroup, FPT, Thaco, Panko E&D, and First Real, with large-scale projects.

(Source: baodautu)

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A wave of investment flowing to Tam Ky