Phu Ninh: A green pearl in Quang Nam

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(QNO) - The Phu Ninh lake ecotourism site is considered a miniature Ha Long Bay, an increasingly popular tourist attraction in Quang Nam.

A poetic scene in Phu Ninh lake. Photo: 1thegioi

Visiting Phu Ninh lake, travellers are able to admire the majestic and poetic natural scenery of the lake, observe the diversity of flora and fauna, and enjoy memorable experiences and activities.

Phu Ninh lake is located in Trung Dan village, Tam Dai commune, Phu Ninh district, Quang Nam province. It is about 7km west of Tam Ky centre. The lake is the largest irrigation project in Quang Nam and one of the six important national drainages.

Its location, about 15km from Chu Lai airport and about 70km from Da Nang international airport, has a favourable condition for tourism development.

Travellers to Phu Ninh lake. Photo: 1thegioi

In terms of natural tourism resources, Phu Ninh lake is surrounded by a 23,615-hectare protective forest system.

The lake has a water surface area of 3,433 hectares, covering over 30 large and small islands.

On a cruise, visitors can admire the different islands, breathe in the fresh and airy atmosphere, and feel the cool mist in the middle of the lake.

Each island is abundant with greenery in harmonious combination with the still surface of the lake, creating a majestic and poetic scene.

Culinary service at Phu Ninh restaurant. Photo: 1thegioi

The cuisine is also a special thing that visitors to Phu Ninh lake should not miss. Thanks to the large lake, the chefs at Phu Ninh restaurant have a variety of aquatic foods to prepare meals.

Many delicious dishes are prepared from tench, gobies, frogs, shrimp, snails, etc. caught in the Phu Ninh lake. The restaurant also serves dishes made of wild vegetables that are impressive to visitors.

Riding a water bike. Photo: 1thegioi

At the Phu Ninh lake ecotourism site, there is a natural reserve with a large number of diverse flora and fauna, including species of plants and medicinal herbs, and a rich system of rare animals such as red wolves, red-faced monkeys, bears, and mountain goats.

Besides, travellers to Phu Ninh lake can enjoy many exciting recreational activities, such as boating on the lake, jet skiing, and riding banana floats.

A campfire in the Phu Ninh lake ecotourism site. Photo: 1thegioi

In particular, the services of hot mineral bathing and hot mineral foot immersion are very popular with visitors to Phu Ninh lake.

Reportedly, in Phu Ninh lake, there is a natural hot mineral spring containing numerous trace elements beneficial for health.

Camping in the Phu Ninh lake ecotourism site. Photo: 1thegioi

Camping overnight also provides travellers with memorable experiences during their trip to Phu Ninh lake. They can choose an empty plot of land, organise a joyful BBQ party, and enjoy warm moments with family and friends.

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Phu Ninh: A green pearl in Quang Nam