A good example of successful economic development in Dong Giang

Translated by HO TRINH Jul 04, 2024 09:04

(QNO) - Bhnuoc Ngang, a member of the Co Tu ethnic community in Prao town, is a good example of a successful farmer. He has been honoured and awarded at the recent congress of ethnic minorities in Dong Giang district.

Bhnuoc Ngang

Bhnuoc Ngang owns various models of growing Gynochthodes officinalis, cinnamon, fruit trees, and raising fish and pigs, which provide him with an annual income of hundreds of millions of dongs.

Bhnuoc Ngang and Gynochthodes officinalis

Bhnuoc Ngang started his own economic model in 2018. He then chose Gynochthodes officinalis and cinnamon for his farming because they are suitable for the local soil and climate and have stable markets.

To ensure that his products are not undercut, Bhnuoc Ngang has directly contacted merchants to sell Gynochthodes officinalis, cinnamon, and other products from the garden.

Besides, Bhhnuoc Ngang has encouraged and enthusiastically supported the households in the village to do the same. Till now, there have been 185,000 cinnamon trees and over 246,000 Gynochthodes officinalis plants in A Duong (Prao town).

Bhnuoc Ngang’s fish pond in a fruit garden

In addition to cinnamon and Gynochthodes officinalis cultivation, Bhnuoc Ngang raises sika deer for velvet antlers and digs ponds to farm fish. Velvet antlers are precious medicinal resources and easily consumed in the market. One kilogramme of velvet antlers is approximately VND 14 - 16 million.

Bhnuoc Ngang, a member of a forest protection team

Bhnuoc Ngang is not only skilled in economic activities but also participates in local movements such as firefighting and forest protection.

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A good example of successful economic development in Dong Giang