Vietnamese Ao Dai down through the ages

08/10/2014 14:50

(QNO) - The Vietnamese Women’s Museum in Hanoi is featuring an exhibition on Ao Dai (traditional long dress) as part of activities celebrating the 60th anniversary of the capital city’s Liberation Day (October 10).

The event is divided into two periods: Ao Dai before the August Revolution designed by Thu Ha and Ao Dai in the process of integration and development designed by Lan Huong.

The event runs through October 19.

Here are some photos of Ao Dai on display at the exhibition:

Caption of each Ao Dai designed by Lan Huong denotes origin, unique culture and value
The highlight of the exhibition is 10m Ao Dai with hand-made embroidery by designer Lan Huong who spent two years making it
Collections themed Tay Ho lotus, Nhat Tan peach flowers and Ngoc Ha flower garden
Dong Ho folk paintings embroidered on Ao Dai
Patterns of cock and flowers embroidered on Ao Dai
Patterns of Rat’s Wedding
A collection themed Hanoi old quarter

(Source: VOV4)

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Vietnamese Ao Dai down through the ages