Cam Phu wooden sculpture


(QNO) - The brand of Cam Phu wooden sculpture has been built for nearly 30 years and has a foothold in the market. This is the effort of businesses and artisans in Cam Phu village. Cam Phu village (Dien Phong commune, Dien Ban town) is located on a side of the river Thu Bon.


Gie Trieng girl’s start-up


(QNO) - Ho Thuy Thi Linh- a Gie Trieng girl begins her start-up project with lemon glue which is a 3-star OCOP product of Quang Nam.

Start-up with cordyceps


(QNO) - Attracted by the colour and pharmaceutical values of cordyceps (or caterpillar fungus), Vo Thu Thuy from Nui Thanh district of Quang Nam province decided to start her business with this precious medicinal mushroom.