Unique culture-based tourism products in Hoi An

QNN 21/10/2020 14:58

(QNO) - A harmonious combination between tangible and intangible heritages has made Hoi An tourism products unique.

Art of Bai choi in Hoi An
Art of Bai choi in Hoi An

The art of Bai Choi becomes one of the tourist attractions in Hoi An. It always appears in the Lunar New Year ceremony and attracts people’s and visitors’ interests.

Moreover, the competitions of Bai Choi performance are often held in Hoi An, holding a lot of appeal for people and visitors who want to learn more about this UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

The attraction of the art of Bai Choi has proved the effectiveness of taking advantage of cultural values in tourism.

Along with the conservation of tangible cultural heritages, Hoi An has paid more attention to the promotion of intangible cultural heritages such as folk songs, the art of Bai Choi, types of poetry, music and painting to enrich the residents’ spiritual life and to create local typical tourism products.

The combination of cultural and natural values has initially been successful. It is the connection between the UNESCO world cultural heritage of Hoi An ancient quarter, Cham  Islands Biosphere Reserve and cultural spaces of rural areas and traditional craft villages.

Besides, Hoi An is also attractive to visitors thanks to its original traditional handicrafts including lanterns, swallow’s nests and the products by Thanh Ha pottery village, Kim Bong carpentry village, Tra Que vegetable village, and Hoi An silk village...

Moreover, there are a lot of special programmes in Hoi An appealing to both the locals and visitors, such as Hoi An old town by night, Pedestrian zone, and Lantern Festival.

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Unique culture-based tourism products in Hoi An