Trend of green start-up

QNN 16/03/2023 22:45

(QNO) - Start-up ideas in Hoi An city, Quang Nam province are focusing on promoting local cultural values and protecting the ecological environment for community-based tourism, towards green development.

Cam Thanh nipa palm forest in Hoi An city
Cam Thanh nipa palm forest in Hoi An city

Start-up Le Hoang Ha, founder of Hoi An ETOUR said his tourism company develops environmentally-friendly products such as cycling tour, exploring traditional craft villages, growing nipa palms, picking up trash on the river…

Vo Tan Tan’s Taboo Bamboo Workshop - a cultural space close to nature - is an attractive destination to local people and visitors, especially foreigners.

His products (including animals, tables, chairs, bikes, beds, cups, straws, chopsticks, bowls, toys…) are mainly made of bamboo, coconut leaves, contributing to spreading the green lifestyle and introducing rustic, friendly and peaceful beauty of the landscape and people of Hoi An city to the public.

Mr. Le Ngoc Thuan - Chairman of the Hoi An Innovation & Start-up Association (HASA) said the sustainability of nature and environment will bring benefits to our physical and mental health.

Therefore, Hoi An businesses need to build green products for our safety and health.

Hoi An is building an ecological, cultural and tourism city in which ecotourism is popular with tourists.

Over 60 businesses in Hoi An city have undertaken saying no to plastic waste.

In addition, 70 to 100 businesses in the city will get green tourism certification by 2025.

This is the foundation for Hoi An to be recognized as a green tourism destination soon. So, sustainable tourism development is the way Hoi An in particular, Viet Nam general, pursues. 

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Trend of green start-up