Tourism and craft village development


(QNO) - Traditional craft villages in Quang Nam play an important role in preservation of indigenous culture, contributing to local economic development.

Wood carving
Wood carving

There are 30 traditional craft villages in Quang Nam. 11 of them are of aqua-agroforestry, 4 of fine- arts, 15 of wood, rattan and bamboo knitting, pottery, glass, garment, etc.

The craft villages provide jobs for the locals that can improve their income.

There are 96 cooperatives and 61 groups related to traditional craft villages, providing over 23,000 permanent jobs for local residents.

Besides, the craft villages are the places for Quang Nam indigenous cultural beauties.

Traditional craft products in Quang Nam have become popular with consumers, such as silk from Ma Chau, Dong Yen, Thi Lai; Ban Thach mats, Phuoc Kieu bronze products, Kim Bong carpentry, Cua Khe fish sauce, Tra Que vegetables, Thanh Ha pottery, bamboo and rattan products, and brocade made by ethnic minorities.

At the conference on tourism in traditional craft villages in Quang Nam held in Thang Binh district, several tourism experts proposed some solutions for sustainable development, namely, product commercialisation, cultural preservation of craft villages attached to tourism development.

It is considered that traditional craft villages have great potential for tourism development thanks to their indigenous values of traditional culture, agricultural civilisation, nature, which is attractive to visitors.

Quang Nam traditional products
Quang Nam traditional products

According to the World Tourism Organisation, nature-culture based or eco- tourism will be given priorities.

Some models of experience tourism have been employed in Quang Nam for years.

They contribute to consuming craft products, bettering the local income, reinforcing sustainable economic development, preserving and promoting craft village values effectively.

Tourism start-ups should focus on exploiting craft village values, connecting the craft villages together.

And traditional craft village development should be attached to local tourism. Thanks to tourism, customers’ approach to Quang Nam traditional craft products becomes easier.


National Tourism Year – Quang Nam 2022 kicks off


(QNO) - The opening ceremony of the National Tourism Year 2022 under the theme “Quang Nam – A Green Tourism Destination” officially took place on Hoi An Memories Land in Hoi An city (Quang Nam province) on March 26.

Night performance kicks off national tourism year in Quang Nam


Quang Nam (VNS/VNA) - More than 200 dancers and artists staged an art performance: ‘The My Son Sanctuary Legendary Night’ in the central province’s Duy Xuyen district on March 24 marking a significant event of the National Tourism Year – Quang Nam 2022.

Promoting creative tourism in mountainous regions


(QNO) - Cultural heritages of ethnic minorities in the mountainous districts of Quang Nam province are rich, diverse and unique. If they are preserved and promoted, there will be a positive change in tourism, including creative tourism in Quang Nam.