Timeless charm of Hoi An


(QNO) - According to the Indian Express, one of the most charming tourist attractions is Hoi An ancient town of Quang Nam province (Vietnam).

Hoi An city 

Hoi An used to be a centre for international commerce in the 15-18th centuries and an important international trading port until the 19th century.

This city still seems to be hot till now, especially for foreigners, as it currently owns a lot of charming tourist attractions.

In Hoi An, a lot of structures and architectural works that were built by ancient merchants from Japan, China, France, etc. are mostly well-preserved.

So, the ancient town was recognised as a UNESCO world cultural heritage in 1999.

The narrow streets in the ancient quarter now become walkways where visitors can find talented tailors for their clothes, enjoy street foods and drinks and many other interesting entertainment activities.

Walking, cycling, and rowing are the simple ways to explore Hoi An ancient town. They are considered the enjoyable experiences there.

Another charm in Hoi An ancient town is the Japanese covered bridge, which leads visitors to the ancient houses with yellow walls and mossy roofs.

Hoi An is also distinctive in the evening. The ancient town becomes the most charming when the coloured lanterns along the streets light up.

It is also the ideal time for visitors to take a sightseeing tour by boat on the Hoai river, contemplating flower garlands and coloured lanterns floating on the river, and enjoying the beauty of the city at night.


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