Rural tourism development


(QNO)-Restoration of traditional cultural institutions, conservation of natural landscapes, and the upgrading of special folkfestivals will better community-based tourism and rural tourism.

A foreign tourist on a farm in Quang Nam
A foreign tourist works as a farmer in Quang Nam

Quang Nam rural tourist attractions

In the complicated context of Covid-19, spacious places become the trend in tourism and popular with visitors. Quang Nam rural spaces are rather diverse, which is believed to be attractive to visitors.

Several villages in Quang Nam such as Cam Thanh (Hoi An city), Triem Tay (Dien Ban town), Loc Yen (tien Phuoc district) have always been attractive to visitors for years.

Besides, Tam Hai community tourism village in Nui Thanh district owns a 96-hectare coral reef which is considered as a precious treasure for tourism development.

Also in Nui Thanh district, visitors can choose the community eco-tourism village of Giang Thom pit, home to the gray-shanked douc langurs.

Huong Tra village in Tam Ky city is another good place for relaxation with a large garden of Pterocarpus macrocarpus Kurz, scientific name of the plant called ‘sưa’ there. Boating upstream on the Thu Bon river, visitors can drop in Dai Binh, a fruit village in Nong Son district.

Making up tourist attractions

Quang Nam natural and cultural values are like raw jade that needs to be honed before introducing to the public. The preservation and promotion of heritages is a solution.

Besides, there have been several plans to build and develop community tourism villages. In particular, Dai Binh fruit village has been upgraded to meet tourism needs.

Huong Tra village is being planned to make it greener and cleaner. Besides, its architectural structures, natural and cultural landscapes, and artistic values are also improved or recovered for tourism development.