Revival of hard corals in Cham Islands water


Several places in Cham Islands water have been found with new hard corals that grow well.

The youth in the experience of coral revival
The youth in the experience of coral revival. Photo:baovanhoa

According the Management Board of Cham Islands Marine Protected Area, several coral groups are growing well along the concrete embankment around Cham Islands.

In the water of Bai Lang hamlet, there are 5 groups, mainly Montipora vietnamiensis Veron 2000. Another area is in the water of Bai Huong hamlet, where Acropora hyacinthus (Dana, 1846) is found to dominate.

That corals grow well in the water of Cham Islands shows a good signal of the water quality there. Thanks to the local efforts to improve and protect environment, landscapes and natural resources, corals have come back with Cham Islands, helping harmonize the sea environment, providing food and habitats for aquatic species.

Besides, 3,000 groups of corals have been successfully planted in the area of 2,747m2. The work is now keeping on with the participation of the youth and local people.