Recovery of tourism


Quang Nam tourism has been under the bad impact of Civid-19 and natural disasters for over a year. However, Quang Nam travel and tourism industry has made every effort to maintain and protect the brand names in hope of a recovery.

A tourism activity in Hoi An
A tourism activity in Hoi An

Domestic tourism stimuli

Domestic tourism is identified as the major and potential market even when Covid-19 is completely controlled. So, Quang Nam tourism makes every effort to entertain visitors and tourists to different exciting events.

In Hoi An city, the “Hoi An show” and the ancient town night were launched in late March. Besides, the reappearance of Hoi An Memories show, the Korean Cultural Days in Quang Nam, Tan Thanh fishing village fair, street music performances among others have contributed to enriching tourism products there. All the events focus on domestic needs and tastes. 

Reportedly, Quang Nam is planning to launch a series of uninterrupted events to attract more tourists, including ‘Sưa’ Flower Festival in Tam Ky city, Colour Convergence programme in Hoi An, Marathon Vietnam 2021, National Photography Festival in Hoi An- Tam Ky- Phu Ninh, and Culture - Sports - Tourism Festival 2021 in Nong Son.

In addition, Quang Nam will have some programmes of tourism promotions in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in April and May. At the same time, there will be an average support of VND 500 million a successful event of provincial internal tourism stimulus. The stimulus also focuses on children, students and their families in summer.

A tourist attractive in Hoi An
A tourist attractive in Hoi An

Identity Preservation

Respect and preservation of Quang Nam character and tourism trademarks is the criterion for creating and developing local tourism products.

MICE tourism (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) is considered as potential for the development of Quang Nam tourism when the number of foreign visitors to the province reduces due to Covid-19.

To attract MICE travellers, Quang Nam needs to create unique products and the typical indigenous culture is a good solution. Quang Nam also has a lot of incentives such as free entrance into State-managed tourist attractions, providing free tourguides, giving local specialties as gifts, giving special discounts on meeting rooms and accommodations to MICE operators and travellers.

It is believed that responsible tourism will be the trend after Covid-19. This type of travel helps participants discover and preserve indigenous natural and cultural values. So, it is necessary to create more green tourism products to attract visitors.

Besides, night life is also a choice for local tourism development. Quang Nam with the advantage of a long coast is able to set up some areas for night life. There are now some such projects in Hoi An and Tam Ky as night markets in An Bang, Cam Kim and Thanh Ha of Hoi An, in Tam Thanh of Tam Ky, and a night amusement park.

At present, Hoi An has a plan to increase night tourism products to attract tourists, including raising the frequency of available night activities such as Hoi An show, Cu Lao night on Cham Islands.

A night tourism product in Hoi An
A night tourism product in Hoi An

Solutions for tourism development

Besides new tourism products, it is necessary to improve the quality of tourism products to attract visitors and keep tourists stay longer in Quang Nam. On the other hand, Quang Nam will upgrade Chu Lai airport and increase the frequency of lights there in order to provide better services. All the events should be considered and held carefully to stimulate travellers to Quang Nam.

More importantly, Quang Nam has to prepare everything and be ready to receive foreign tourists when Covid-19 is completely controlled.