Quang Nam’s “Mount Huaguo” discovery


(QNO) - Dai Binh village (Nong Son district, Quang Nam province) is famous for its fruit-laden orchards. It faces the headwaters of the Thu Bon river and leans its back against the Annamite Range.

Dai Binh village
Dai Binh village. Photo: DÂN TRÍ

Dai Binh is also called Dai Buong and is about 60 km from Hoi An city and 25 km from My Son Sanctuary. It is a stop on the tour to Hon Kem Da Dung and Le Pass.

Visitors to the village can take the road along the foothills or use boats.

Life here is as peaceful as the name of the village itself; the traditional cultural features of the Vietnamese people are still boldly preserved.

There are a lot of types of fruit in the village.
There are a lot of types of fruit in the village. Photo: DÂN TRÍ

In addition to the poetic and peaceful landscape of a central village, the fruit-laden fruit gardens there are attractive to visitors. Every house in the village has a garden full of fruits surrounded by green fences.

Dai Binh is also well-known for the number of elderly people who are still sane and healthy.

Green fences in Dai Binh
Green fences in Dai Binh. Photo: DÂN TRÍ

In spite of poor tourism infrastructure, Dai Binh chooses village tourism as a direction for sustainable economic development.


Quang Nam Tourism app comes into operation


(QNO) - A smart tourism system has just been put into operation  in Quang Nam.

Tourism industry well prepared to receive foreign visitors during peak season


VOV.VN - The Government has requested that the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to be well prepared to receive foreign holidaymakers during peak season starting in September.