Quang Nam Tourism app comes into operation


(QNO) - A smart tourism system has just been put into operation  in Quang Nam.

Quang Nam Tourism app installed on smart phones. Photo: Viettimes.vn 

Digital transformation and applying information technology in Quang Nam tourism has facilitated the management, advertising and promotion, provision of tour guides at monuments and scenic spots in the province.

Quang Nam Tourism app is now available on https://quangnamtourism.com.vn, chat-box, and social network.

In particular, the mobile application with the keyword "Quang Nam Tourism" runs on two operating systems: iOS and Android.

Besides, the Quang Nam digital tourism maps are integrated into ‘Quang Nam Tourism’ application, which makes it easy for visitors to get useful information, including searching for basic information of the destination, ongoing and upcoming events, self-created sightseeing tours, schedules of flights, trains and cars, information of restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, shopping establishments, warning of traffic congestion.

According to Quang Nam province, the smart tourism software in Quang Nam has shared the data with the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

In the coming time, Quang focuses on developing an ecosystem for digital transformation in tourism, connecting between authorities, localities, and business.


Tourism industry well prepared to receive foreign visitors during peak season


VOV.VN - The Government has requested that the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to be well prepared to receive foreign holidaymakers during peak season starting in September.

Green tourism on Cham Islands


(QNO) - A pilot green tour has just been held around Cham Islands, Tan Hiep commune, Hoi A city (Quang Nam province).

Trend for sports tourism


(QNO) - More and more marathons held in localities, especially at well-known scenic spots, have become a trend in order to attract more visitors and tourists.