Quang Nam tourism affects foreign tourists’ feelings


(QNO) - Quang Nam and Da Nang in Central Vietnam are popular tourist destinations for tourists, especially foreign tourists.

Visitors to My Son Sanctuary, Quang Nam
Visitors to My Son Sanctuary, Quang Nam


Most of the tourists from Europe, North America, the Middle East and Japan are interested in the beaches in Da Nang city and Quang Nam province, such as My Khe, Non Nuoc, and An Bang, which are well-known for "midsummer paradises" with 5-star reviews and comments: "Beautiful beach, smooth and white sand and blue sea water”.

In addition, cultural and agricultural tours are chosen. The best outstanding attractions include Ngu Hanh Son (Marble Mountains), Linh Ung Pagoda, Ba Na Hill... in Da Nang, Hoi An ancient town, Tra Que vegetable village, Thanh Ha pottery village... in Quang Nam.

Meanwhile, tourists from Asian countries, such as South Korea, Thailand, China, and India, are more interested in resort and culinary tourism.

They especially like shopping at local markets, such as Han market, Con market (Da Nang), Hoi An market, traditional handicrafts, and clothing stores.

A tourist from South Korea said ready-to-wear clothing for couples and families is sold at very cheap prices at Han markets and kiosks in Da Nang.

If you want to have a suit, you should go to two ancient streets close to the banks of the Hoi An river. Clothes are sewn quickly and beautifully at affordable prices.

A Chinese tourist wrote, green bean powder and vermicelli in markets in Hien Cang (Da Nang) and Hai Pho (Hoi An) are of good quality.

Besides, tourists love Quang dishes and grilled seafood dishes at Da Nang coastal restaurants, such as Quang noodles, fish ball noodle soup (bún chả cá), cao lau, bánh xèo ( sizzling rice pancake), chicken rice, and bread.

Clothing shop in Hoi An
Clothing shop in Hoi An

Tourists are also impressed by traditional festivals and cultural events in Da Nang and Quang Nam, such as the lantern festival, Mid-Autumn festival, harvest festival, fish worshipping, Buddha's birthday, and international fireworks competition.

Feelings and expectations

Most tourists who have traveled to Quang Nam and Da Nang said these tourist destinations are beautiful, interesting, safe and friendly.

Most visitors to Da Nang for the first time are surprised at a modern, clean and beautiful city.

Lim Yeong-jin, a Korean tourist, said: "Like Busan, Da Nang is a coastal city, but the beach here is cleaner and the sea water is clearer”.

My Khe Beach (Da Nang) with fine white sand, clear blue water and comfortable space for rest and relaxation is often described as one of the most beautiful beaches they have ever seen.

The Dragon Bridge with its unique design and color changes at night is considered one of the symbols of Da Nang.

Meanwhile, many tourists consider Hoi An "one of the most wonderful destinations in Vietnam" thanks to its ancient architecture, quiet space, and splendid lights at night.

Rupali Dean wrote about Hoi An on the Indian Express that walking or cycling around Hoi An is the simplest way to explore the old town.

A corner of Hoi An ancient town
A corner of Hoi An ancient town

Walking through the streets and immersing yourself in the slower pace of life is considered the best things to experience here, and Hoi An is considered one of the most charming destinations in Vietnam.

As for My Son Sanctuary, it is considered a place where the mysteries of an ancient kingdom with ancient towers of historical values have been preserved. The sanctuary is also influenced by Hindu culture and art.

Many tourists look forward to returning to Hoi An to walk among the streets with characteristic yellow walls, cycle among the fields to smell the afternoon smoking, and enjoy the traditional dishes here.

Reporting by T.HUYEN - Translated by N.VIET


Quang Nam tourism in new trends


(QNO) - Tourism is not only providing travel services but also becoming an aggregate economic sector. Quang Nam has much potential for tourism start-up ideas and projects, contributing to local socio-economic development.

Quang Nam tourism broadcast on Japanese TV


(QNO) – A film crew of TV Man Union of Japan visited several tourist destinations in Quang Nam province to make documentaries promoting the landscapes, culture, and people of Viet Nam.

Spread of green tourism


(QNO) - Green tourism is a development trend in the world, including in Quang Nam province, towards sustainable environmental and cultural protection.