Quang Nam renews tourism products


(QNO) - Quang Nam is making every effort to renew local tourism products, to upgrade tourist and transportation facilities to attract visitors after 

beautiful natural landscape in Quang Nam
beautiful natural landscape in Quang Nam

One of the tourist attractions in Quang Nam- My Son Sanctuary has made itself new to welcome the National Tourism Year- Quang Nam 2022.

Some artistic programmes have been developed, especially the Legendary Night of My Son- an attractive tourism product there.

Besides, different flexible measures for Covid-19 prevention and control have been implemented safely and effectively.

Moreover, the restoration and upgrading of the temples and towers in Group A has been finished, ready to welcome visitors.

In addition, the recognition of My Son A10 pedestal as a national treasure by the end of 2021 contributes to attract more visitors to My Son Sanctuary.

Up to now, the Management Board of My Son Sanctuary has prepared everything to welcome the National Tourism Year- Quang Nam 2022.

Hoi An has witnessed thousands of visitors to its ancient quarter every day since the Lunar New Year festival.

A lot of tourism stimulus programmes have been launched, including a 50-percent discount on entrance ticket.

Besides, Hoi An also recovers and renews tours, cultural and artistic activities to encourage the locals to travel to Hoi An.

During the time of Covid-19, Hoi An sent a message of  mild, hospitable and friendly tourist city to the world, which becomes an inspiration for visitors to go back to the ancient town.

Besides My Son and Hoi An, ecotourism in Quang Nam has been recovered with several tourist attractions, such as Cu Lao Cham Biosphere Reverse and Phu Ninh lake.

Marine and community-based tourism attached to local cultures is also recovered and developed.

Tourists to My Son Sanctuary, Quang Nam province
Tourists to My Son Sanctuary, Quang Nam province

The National Tourism Year 2022 will be a chance for Quang Nam tourism to show its attractive features, contributing to local tourism recovery and development in the normal.