Quang Nam promotes green tourism


(QNO) - Quang Nam’s plan for green tourism is plain via the criteria for the provincial green tourism.

Efforts to limit plastic things
Efforts to limit plastic things

Quang Nam criteria for green tourism include three levels equivalent to 3 green basils. Who meets about 90% of the criteria will get three green basils.

The symbols of green basil are the target several pioneers on tourism and services try to achieve in 2022.

ÊMM-Hoi An hotel is one example that always pays attention to environmental protection.

The hotel has made every effort to decrease plastic waste, wastewater, and energy.

Tourists staying at ÊMM- Hoi An hotel are not encouraged to use elevator and turn off electric facilities when they go out.

In terms of waste reduction, all the hotel's staffs have learned how to sort waste at source.

Some waste can be processed to make fertilizers, multi-purpose cleaner.

The hotel also consumes or supports to consume local products such as vegetables and fruit, lanterns and other handmade products.

Similarly, Sea’lacie Boutique Resort & Spa in Hoi An city also focuses on environmental protection and friendliness.

Fertilizers made from dried leaves in Sea’lacie Boutique Resort & Spa
Fertilizers made from dried leaves in Sea’lacie Boutique Resort & Spa

Reported from the Quang Nam Tourism Association, there were 36 businesses agreeing to reduce plastic waste in 2020.

Green tourism businesses are a necessary condition to connect local to international tourism.

It is expected that the green tourism fair, an activity in the national tourism programme that will be held in Quang Nam in 2022, will introduce and present several local new sustainable tourism products.

The National Tourism Year 2022 programme themed Quang Nam- a green tourist attraction will focus on green tourism products and brands.

It is reported that Quang Nam is the first locality to develop sustainable green tourism.


Quang Nam green tourism


(QNO) - Green tourism becomes a new product when Quang Nam reopens to visitors after two years of lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.