Nature connection


(QNO) - International travellers are very interested in Vietnam because of its special cultural values and amazing natural features.

Tourism development based on nature
Tourism development based on nature

Nature is increasingly respected nowadays. So every human activity tends to minimise its impact on nature. More and more tours, such as wildlife protection, nature exploration, and cave discovery, are aimed at bringing people closer to nature.

According to, visitors are more and more concerned about the environment. 83% of visitors thought that sustainable tourism and environmental awareness were important.

Likewise, a survey by National Geographic revealed that 66% of millennials are willing to pay more for services with positive impacts on the environment.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, nature discovery is usually the choice for human excursions.

It is the reason why a large number of visitors, especially foreigners, choose the mountainous areas, besides heritage sites, of Quang Nam for their vacation. They love places with pristine nature.

It can be said that sustainable tourism is a trend in the context of serious climate change nowadays.

Foreign visitors to a mountainous area of Quang Nam
Foreign visitors to a mountainous area of Quang Nam

Going to Quang Nam, visitors have chances to discover natural landscapes and mysteries there. It may be Tay Giang district with a fokienia forest and the local Thanksgiving.

Besides wonderful natural landscapes, including primaeval forests, springs and falls, the local cultural features, mainly of Co Tu ethnic minorities, are quite attractive to visitors, especially foreigners.

Co Tu people there are determined to protect forests and preserve their cultural values for ecotourism development. In addition, visitors to Tay Giang may have a chance to enjoy local traditional foods.

Reporting by X.HIEN - Translated by H.TRINH


Quang Nam tourism broadcast on Japanese TV


(QNO) – A film crew of TV Man Union of Japan visited several tourist destinations in Quang Nam province to make documentaries promoting the landscapes, culture, and people of Viet Nam.

Spread of green tourism


(QNO) - Green tourism is a development trend in the world, including in Quang Nam province, towards sustainable environmental and cultural protection.

Central Vietnam’s tourism promoted in Malaysia


(QNO) - The Tourism Roadshow of Central Vietnam including Quang Nam - Da Nang - Thua Thien Hue took place at the World Trade Center Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on the 23rd October 2023.