Mountain tourism in Quang Nam


(QNO) - The mountainous region of Quang Nam province consists of 9 districts with unique and attractive community-based tourist attractions.

A festival of ethnic people in Tay Giang
A festival of ethnic people in Tay Giang

Going to mountainous areas of Quang Nam, visitors will have chances to experience local people’s daily life activities and enjoy traditional food - ethnic minorities’ typical dishes.

Mountainous region in Quang Nam is home to many ethnic minorities with a variety of indigenous cultural traditions.

At  Dong Giang Heaven Gate in Ma Cooih (Dong Giang district), visitors can see the primeval forests, experience ecotourism with caves and waterfalls, immerse themselves in 'Tung tung da da' - a traditional group dance for both Co Tu  men and women.

They can also explore community-based tourist attractions in Bho Hoong, Đho Roong.

In Tay Giang district, visitors can go to primeval forests of fokienia, ironwood, rhododendron, ancient banyan and enjoy year-round cool climate.

Besides, mountainous region in Quang Nam is home to precious medical herb: Ngoc Linh ginseng in Nam Tra My.

Fokienia forest 

Recently, the Bh’noong traditional cultural festival under the theme “Bh'noong cultural colors – A new rendezvous” has just been opened in Kham Duc town, Phuoc Son district.

The festival aimed to preserve and promote traditional Bh’noong ethnic cultural values for the local tourism development.

There were different activities at the festival, including the display of local typical products, traditional craft, culinary space, festival rituals of Bh'noong people...


Quang Nam tourism stimulus 2023


(QNO) - The tourism stimulus programme “Quang Nam- Touch of Summer” has just been launched.

Agri-tourism in Quang Nam


(QNO) - Quang Nam plans to develop agri-tourism to attract more visitors