Hoi An with an embellishment


(QNO) - Hoi An was recognised as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1999 and becomes famous for its beautiful scenery and diverse culture. 

Hoi An city, Quang Nam province
Hoi An city, Quang Nam province

Coming to Hoi An nowadays, visitors can both contemplate the beauty of a heritage site and make use of services of healthcare and relaxation. One place in Hoi An that can provide visitors with such services is Hoian d’Or.

Hoian d’Or covers a 25-hectare area on Maize isle (Cồn Bắp in Vietnamese) on the Thu Bon river, about 800 metres from the ancient quarter of Hoi An.

So, it is easy for visitors to go to other places in Hoi An such as the isle of Hoi An Memories, Tra Que vegetable village, An Bang and Cua Dai beaches, Kim Bong carpentry village, Thanh Ha pottery village, and Bay Mau nipa palm forest.

Cultural space in Hoian d’Or

Hoian d’Or becomes a new cultural destination in Hoi An.

Covering an area of 11 thousand square metres, the cultural space of Hoian d’Or is designed with different divisions, one for displaying Trinh Cong Son’s works, another for Chu Dau pottery, and one more for musical instrument from 54 ethnic communities in Vietnam.

The commercial port stage- the place for traditional festivals and performance arts

Coming to Hoian d’Or, visitors can enjoy performance arts such as water puppetry and traditional festivals.

Eco-tourism in Hoian d’Or

Besides its cultural space, Hoian d’Or provides visitors with unique eco-tourism products, in combination with agritourism and health tourism. The space for eco- and agri-tourism covers an area of over 5 hectares.

In this space, there is an islet describing the Cricket’s adventure adapted from the same name story by To Hoai. Besides, visitors can contemplate the beauty of the whole isle from a bridge there.

Islet for services

Islet for services is designed with green constructions such as a vegetarians’ restaurant where visitors can enjoy different foods made of/ from vegetables planted in place.

Panorama of Hoian d’Or. Photo: VNREP
Panorama of Hoian d’Or. Photo: VNREP

There are also different places for visitors’ choice such as an islet for spa and healthcare where visitors can enjoy their relaxation. Next to the islet is a pool of water lily where spa lodges are set up.

Besides, Hoian d’Or has some spaces for aquatic centre, marina, restaurants, conference centre, shop houses, 5-star hotels and outdoor activities.

It is expected that all the services of Hoian d’Or will satisfy visitors’ demands.


Things in Hoi An attractive to visitors


(QNO) - As a Quang Nam provincial city located on a bank of the Thu Bon river, Hoi An is considered the most beautiful cities in Southeast Asia.