Festival of Firmiana Simplex flowers


(QNO) - The opening ceremony of the festival titled Cham Islands- Firmiana Simplex Flowers was held at Ong beach (Tan Hiep commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province) on July 22, 2022.

Firmiana Simplex flowers in Cham Islands
Firmiana Simplex flowers in Cham Islands

The festival is of the National Tourism Year- Quang Nam 2022. Hundreds of people and visitors went to the event.

The festival is aimed at showing local cultural beauties and typical sporting activities, displaying products made from Firmiana Simplex, exhibiting pictures of Firmiana Simplex flowers.

Besides, there are a boat race, coracles shaking, and opening the street of red Firmiana Simplex flowers.

The Firmiana Simplex starts flowering in mid-July and keeps alive within a month.

Firmiana Simplex trees has long since been associated with the locals’ daily life. Their bark is used to weave hammocks. The oil from their seeds is a lotion popular with local women.

Therefore, Firmiana Simplex trees are planted everywhere on the islands. The festival is expected to attract more visitors and tourists to Cham Islands.


Beauties of Firmiana Simplex flowers on Cham Islands


(QNO) - The red of Firmiana Simplex flowers is now covering the space of Cham Islands (Hoi An city, Quang Nam province).