Ethnic cultural values and tourism development


(QNO) - Quang Nam has come up with several solutions for preservation and promotion of indigenous cultural values for community-based tourism development.

Xe Dang ethnic water trough festival
Xe Dang ethnic water trough festival. Photo:

Le village located in Tra Don commune of Nam Tra My district (Quang Nam province) is home to 40 Ca Dong households.

It is well-known for the ethnic traditional cultural beauty there. Going to Le village, visitors have a chance to taking part in local festivals, such as water trough festival, buffalo stabbing festival; experiencing traditional brocade weaving; enjoying local specialties, such as sticky rice in bamboo tube (or cơm lam in Vietnamese), meat hung up in the kitchen, and wine drunk out of a jar through pipes (tube wine or rượu cần in Vietnamese).

Besides Le village, there are a lot of villages in Nam Tra My district where Xe Dang and Mnong people live, such as Cheng Tong, Lang Loang, Tak Lang, Tak Ngo, Kon Ping and Bang La. Each village has its own typical characteristics.

The preservation of ethnic cultural values in Quang Nam has been implemented through cultural festivals and traditional performance art competitions.

Experience of ethnic culture in Quang Nam
Experience of ethnic culture in Quang Nam. Photo:

Thereby, the ethnic minorities are aware of their cultural values which are considered the potential for community-based tourism development, for creating their livelihood, contributing to poverty alleviation.

Along with indigenous cultural values, local natural landscapes are also exploited for green tourism development, contributing to the local socio-economic growth.

Besides Nam Tra My, several districts in the western region of Quang Nam province have preserved and promoted their traditional cultural and natural values for tourism development, creating a driving force for socio-economic development and ensuring the local security and defense.


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