Enhancement in tourism development


(QNO) - Quang Nam, as a co-chair of the national tourism start-up forum, shows their wishes to further promote the tourism stat-up trend in order to effectively exploit the value system of indigenous resources.

Visitors to the old brick kiln in Duy Vinh, Duy Xuyen, Quang Nam
Visitors to the old brick kiln in Duy Vinh, Duy Xuyen, Quang Nam

At the forum, Quang Nam introduces some tourism projects, such as Farmstay old brick kiln (Duy Vinh, Duy Xuyen), floodwood village (Cam Ha, Hoi An), and Cam Phu - Go Noi community-based tourism village (Dien Phong, Dien Ban).

They are considered impressive tourism start-up models with their own nuances based on local values in Quang Nam.

A common feature of these tourism start-up projects is their creativity, turning helpless or mundane values into private things that are attractive to visitors.

As can be seen, there are a lot of opportunities for tourism start-ups in Quang Nam.

In particular,  the province always gives priority to sustainable green tourism projects.

The provincial authorities will have solutions in order to make Quang Nam a national tourism hub, focusing on the brand of Quang Nam - a green tourist destination.

Reporting H.SAU - Translating by Q.THU


My Son Sanctuary tourism promotion


(QNO) - Tourism promotion activities are being strengthened by the My Son Cultural Heritage Management Board (Quang Nam province), especially in the nonpeak season, to attract visitors.

Thematic tourism


(QNO) - The potential and values of thematic tourism have been mentioned for a long time and need to be more promoted.