Effort to recover tourism


Quang Nam is making an effort to recover its tourism sector.

Visitors to Hoi An
Visitors to Hoi An

Hoi An ancient has reopened for visitors on November 18, 2020 after Covid-19 and natural disasters. Since then, foreigners living in Vietnam and Vietnamese visitors have went to Hoi An for their holidays.

It was estimated that there were 500 visitors to Hoi An a day on average in the first week of reopening.

According to leaders of Hoi An city, a lot of events will be held in December to attract visitors, including a cross country tournament and photos exhibition Floribus. Besides, visitors to Quang Nam will be granted free entrance to state tourist attractions till June, 2021.

Regional linkage in tourism is also a solution. A forum on tourism connection between Central Vietnam, Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city taking place on November 27-28 can promote the development of the provincial tourism.

Nearly 20 Quang Nam tourism businesses took part in the “Business Matching” to introduce and advertise their new products.