Discovery of Ngoc Linh ginseng area


(QNO) - Nam Tra My district (Quang Nam province) is well-known as Ngoc Linh ginseng capital. It is also a tourist attraction popular with visitors.

An ancient pine tree
An ancient pine tree

Nam Tra My is home to several streams and falls that are really beautiful and charming to visitors. One of them is 5-stage fall named after the number of its stages.

It is considered suitable for those who love adventure. Besides, the fall is also a place for the locals’ relaxation and date.

Another is the hot spring, about 15 kilometres from the 5-stage fall. It is a place for camping, visitors can contemplate the beauty of terraced fields on the way to the spring.

Coming to Nam Tra My, visitors should not ignore Ngoc Linh mountain top.

At an altitude of 2,598 meters above sea level, Ngoc Linh peak is always covered with white cloud. It is also known as the roof of Central Vietnam.

On the way to Ngoc Linh mountain top, visitors can enjoy different beauties of the forests there, such as a large forest of huge old pine trees, a park of ancient vines with strange and different shapes that is similar to a scene of a science fiction film, ancient cinnamon gardens, and medicinal herb gardens.

Besides, there is a charming forest of rhododendron flourishing and flowering at the end of Spring.

One more noteworthy place in Nam Tra My is a forest of huge bamboo trees with 3 metres in length and a perimeter of 60 centimetres.

Nam Tra My district, Quang Nam province
Nam Tra My district, Quang Nam province

Coming to Nam Tra My, visitors can learn more about its diverse indigenous culture of different ethnic minorities including Xe Dang, Ca Dong, Mo Nong.

They can also indulge themselves in local festivals ceremonies such as ceremonial offerings to water aqueduct, rice harvest festival, Ngoc Linh ginseng festival, gongs and traditional musical instrument festivals.


Ngoc Linh ginseng development


(QNO) - Quang Nam is focusing on applying science and technology to improve both quantity and quality of Ngoc Linh ginseng, develop its value chain, which is considered a solution for the development of Ngoc Linh ginseng brand.

Relocation of Ngoc Linh ginseng to Tay Giang


(QNO) - One thousand Ngoc Linh ginseng seedlings have recently been moved to Ch’Om commune of Tay Giang district from Nam Tra My.

Planting Ngoc Linh ginseng to get rich


(QNO) - The youth in Tra Linh commune (Nam Tra My district, Quang Nam province) have worked in groups of households to plant Ngoc Linh ginseng since 2017, contributing to the local alleviation of poverty.