Digitalisation of My Son tourism


(QNO) - A multilingual audio guide has just been put into operation in My Son Sanctuary (Quang Nam province).

Visitors to My Son Sanctuary
Visitors to My Son Sanctuary

It is an achievement the My Son Cultural Heritage Management Board efforts to get in the digital transformation process there.

My Son Sanctuary is the first tourist destination in Quang Nam to use an audio guide of four languages (including English, French, Korean, and Vietnamese).

Visitors to My Son Sanctuary can use their mobile phone to scan the QR code available everywhere in the heritage site to access the audio guide and get the information about the site, including multimedia, map and direction.

The audio guide contains about 40 stories of the history, culture, architecture and art related to My Son Sanctuary. Visitors can choose what they want to know easily via the system.

Earlier, a VR360 website has come into operation and thousands of objects found in My Son have been digitalised; thereby helping visitors easily take a sightseeing tour around and learning more about My Son Sanctuary, contributing to popularising heritage values to the public and their preservation.

Digital transformation in tourism and tourism smart are considered to be necessary, facilitating tourism activities, tourism management, and tourism promotion and advertising for its sustainable development. 


Multilingual voiceover app in My Son Sanctuary


(QNO) - A multilingual voiceover app was officially put into operation in My Son Sanctuary on July 19, 2023, after a month of testing.

OCOP products at My Son Sanctuary


(QNO) - The OCOP (One Commune, One Product) space has just been opened in the area of My Son Sanctuary. 

Thousands of arrivals to My Son Sanctuary


(QNO) - According to the My Son Sanctuary Management Board (Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province), there were 2,525 visitors to this UNESCO world cultural heritage by the end of May 1, 2023. Most of them were foreigners.