Agro-tourism development in Hoi An


(QNO) - Hoi An city (Quang Nam province) is developing tourism in association with agricultural production and services in rural areas for local economic development in the new normal, making sure of the dual goal of economic recovery and effective prevention and control of Covid-19.

Farm tourism in Hoi An
Farm tourism in Hoi An

New tourism products

Agricultural production associated with tourism development is the right direction that Hoi An has pursued for years.

The city has focused on building the infrastructure in traditional craft villages such as Kim Bong carpentry, Thanh Ha pottery, Tra Que vegetables, Cam Thanh bamboo-coconut; promoting their traditional cultural values; improving landscapes to help the locals with jobs and stable income.

There are now 5 value-chain development support projects, including Cam Thanh organic vegetables, Tra Que VietGap vegetables, Cam Kim organic agriculture, harvesting and consuming some typical products of Cu Lao Cham, and Thanh Tay organic agriculture.

These value chains are closely linked with tourism activities and local typical products such as tea from wild plants and medicinal herbs, aloe vera drink.

Besides, there are creative agro-tourism products such as the circular economic model – Kybimo garden, ‘dishes from garbage’, waste collection in the countryside and on rivers, Heal Organic Farm specializing in providing the drinks made from vegetables and medicinal herbs, etc.

Focus on rural landscapes

Hoi An has paid attention to upgrading the infrastructure for ecotourism or community-based tourism development in traditional craft villages and rural areas.

Landscape of Tra Que vegetable village
Landscape of Tra Que vegetable village

The city has also facilitated investment attraction in clean and hi-tech agriculture, developing sustainable tourism products.

Moreover, Hoi An also encourages the development of art on farms and plans to embellish rural landscapes to make new attractive and highly competitive agro-tourism products.

In addition, the areas of Cam Kim and Nam Ngan- Vinh Thanh are planned to become unique ecological tourist attractions.

The development of tourism products in rural areas is a new trend of tourism development in order to preserve natural landscapes, ecological environment, cultural resources for sustainable green development.


Hoi An tourism is bustling again


(QNO) - During the final days of the lunar calendar year of 2021, Hoi An tourism is more bustling when the demand for domestic tourism increases again.