A dramatic increase of foreign arrivals to Vietnam


(QNO) - The number of foreign visitors to Vietnam was 602 thousands in the first 6 months of 2022, showing an increase of 6.8 times over the same period of last years and a decrease of 92.9% compared to the same period in 2019.

International visitors to Vietnam
International visitors to Vietnam

Just in June of 2022, there were 236.7 thousands foreign arrivals to Vietnam, up 36.8% over May and 32.9 times higher than the same period last year.

The good signal resulted from the Vietnamese tourism reopening and the recovery of international flight routes.

The number of international arrivals to Vietnam by air in the first 6 months this year accounts for 87%. 13% and 0.02% go into those travelling by land and sea respectively.

The number of travellers from Asia was overwhelming, over 392 thousands arrivals.

There was an increase of turnover in some services such as accommodation and cuisine (20.9%), travelling (94.4%) compared to the same period last year

According to the World Economic Forum's report on the Travel and Tourism Development Index 2021, Vietnam tourism ranked 52nd out of 117 economies, up 8 places compared to 2019. As a result, Vietnam was better than other countries in ASEAN.

The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report was done based on a 17 index framework under 5 groups, including enabling environment, travel and tourism policy and enabling conditions, infrastructure, travel and tourism demand drivers, and travel and tourism sustainability.

Among 17 indices, Vietnam owned 6 on the global leading list, including price competitiveness (ranking 15th), natural resources (24th), cultural resources (25th), air transport infrastructure (27th), non-leisure resources (29th), and safety and security (33th).

Besides, Vietnam had 7 indices ranking from the 36th to 70th, including business environment, human resources and labour market, ground and port infrastructure, ICT readiness, socioeconomic resilience and conditions, travel and tourism demand pressure and impact, and international openness.

Therefore, Vietnam became one of three nations with the best improvement in the world.