Vietnamese e-commerce revenue expands by 15% in 2022


VOV.VN - Vietnamese e-commerce revenue this year recorded an annual rise of roughly 15%, according to details given by the Vietnam E-commerce Association (Vecom).

Last year witnessed revenue enjoy growth of 16% to reach US$13.7 billion.
Last year witnessed revenue enjoy growth of 16% to reach US$13.7 billion.

The Vietnamese e-commerce market has been anticipated to enjoy a fast and stable growth rate at double digits during the 2016 to 2025 period.

Despite the local economy being heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, e-commerce revenue still surged by approximately 15% to US$13.2 billion compared to 2019.

The Vietnam E-commerce White Paper in 2022 reported that last year saw Vietnamese economic growth stand at only 2.58%, the lowest over the past 30 years. In this context, the country’s e-commerce revenue still maintained a growth rate of 6% to reach US$13.7 billion.

With the rapid change occurring in online shopping habits in the country, its e-commerce activities, as well as trade promotion activities in the online environment continue to maintain rapid and sustainable development.

However, many enterprises with quality goods and products still don’t know how to use information technology, as well as e-commerce, or they are not prepared to carry out trade promotion activities on different online platforms. This can therefore be considered a weakness of many Vietnamese enterprises.

Using information technology and e-commerce in business activities is therefore an urgent requirement for all enterprises as they strive to achieve the goal of national digital transformation.

Due to these weaknesses, a fair aimed at connecting trade and promoting trade in e-commerce applications (Ecommerce Expo 2022) is being ran by the Vietnam E-commerce Association from December 16 until January 1, 2023.

At the one-month fair, online exhibitions are combined with traditional exhibitions in order to create opportunities for manufacturing and service enterprises seeking to expand their business activities.

Ecommerce Expo 2022 is being held as a means of boosting the introduction of products and services of e-commerce businesses to domestic manufacturing firms.

This event will also create fresh opportunities for bilateral or multilateral exchanges, as well as co-operation among enterprises in providing e-commerce promotion solutions to manufacturing businesses.



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