Vietnam – a must-visit holiday destination: Telegraph India


VOV.VN - Good food, natural beauty, and a range of splendid heritage sites are among the eight reasons why Vietnam should be on the travel list for tourists searching for their next holiday destination, according to a recent article published by the Telegraph India.

Street food culture is among wonderful reasons why Vietnam attracts many tourists. (Photo courtesy of Telegraph India)
Street food culture is among wonderful reasons why Vietnam attracts many tourists. (Photo courtesy of Telegraph India)

The article names Vietnam as a good suggestion for budget-friendly holidays.

As the Indian currency (INR) is much stronger than the Vietnamese currency (VND), traveling and staying in the country is now much simpler for Indian tourists. In addition, there are also multiple flights connecting to cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh with India, making it easy for holidaymakers to travel.

Vietnam can be viewed as a land of hospitality, and it is ready to welcome an increasing number of Indian visitors this year. It is home to limestone caves, beautiful bays, distinctive street foods, historical sites, and shopping malls that provide a great experience for visitors, explained Telegraph India.

According to the media outlet, one of the many pleasures of visiting the country is that tourists can cover everything on their list at their own pace.

A holiday to Vietnam won’t require travelers to have a packed itinerary. Instead, they can take a leisurely stroll or enjoy a rickshaw ride by the lake near the Old Quarter in Hanoi, grab a cup of Vietnamese iced coffee at any of the capital’s many cafes, or just sleep-in till noon! 



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