Start-up with edible bird’s nests

QNN 11/08/2021 22:37

(QNO) - “Yến sào Phuong’s House” is the brand name of edible bird’s nest owned by Le Viet Binh Phuong from An Xuan ward, Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province.

Le Viet Binh Phuong and her products of edible bird’s nest
Le Viet Binh Phuong and her products of edible bird’s nest

Phuong started her business with edible bird’s nests in 2020. She invested in building a house for swallows in Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province.

At the same time, she has cooperated with two swallow nest producers in order to have a raw material initiative and stable output under the brand name “Yến Sào Phuong’s House”.

In Tam Ky city, she has a 100 m2 space where swallow nests are processed and her products of and from swallow nests are sold. All her products are hand-made with different tastes and flavours, so they are popular with customers.

Currently, there are 30 sales associates in different places such as Quang Nam, Da Nang, Hue, and Ho Chi Minh city to help Phuong sell her products.

Reportedly, Phuong can sell nearly 15 kg of raw bird’s nests a month. So, she is trying to buy some tools and machines for her production.

At the same time, Phuong is also making an effort to form a cooperative where all edible bird’s nest products are produced, including swallow nest cereals.

“Yến Sào Phuong’s House” will join the provincial OCOP programme 2021. It is a chance for Phuong to show the quality of her edible bird’s nest products in the market.

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Start-up with edible bird’s nests