“Xiu ma” - a specialty of Hoi An


(QNO) - Hoi An is famous for its typical foods and drinks. Xiu-ma (black sesame sweet soup) is one of the foods that shows the soul of Hoi An - an ancient trading port.

Xiu-ma. Photo: tcdulichtphcm

Being considered as part of Hoi An soul, Xiu-ma is associated with a man named Ngo Thieu.

In June 2019, a tourist site was jointly set up by Hoi An authority and Mr. Thieu’s family in order to preserve the traditional craft and introduce Xiu-ma to the public.

Going to the home at 45/17 Tran Hung Dao (Hoi An city), visitors will have a chance to know how to cook Xiu-ma and enjoy it.

Xiu-ma sold on the sidewalk in Hoi An
Xiu-ma sold on the sidewalk in Hoi An. Photo: tcdulichtphcm

Currently, Ngo Thi Thi- Thieu’s daughter takes over his 70-year-old Xiu-ma craft.

In spite of his age, Mr. Thieu gets up very early to cook Xiu-ma every day.

Xiu-ma is popular with the local residents.
Xiu-ma is popular with the local residents. Photo: tcdulichtphcm

Xiu-ma is made from black sesame to an heirloom recipe. In particular, Mr. Thieu uses water from Ba Le well to cook xi-ma; so, it has its own flavour and seems to be more delicious than xi-ma in other places.

As a specialty of Hoi An, xiu-ma is believed as a medicinal food that is effective in helping prevent digestive diseases and sunstroke, and fortify the body.

Enjoying Xiu-ma
Enjoying Xiu-ma. Photo: tcdulichtphcm

Xiu-ma is reported to follow the Chinese to Hoi An in the early 20th centrury.

The main ingredients of Xiu-ma are black sesame, starch, pennywort, stink vine, sweet leaf, rehmannia glutinosa libosch, sugar, and some other traditional herbs.


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