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(QNO) - Quang noodles, cao lau, and crushed rice crackers are Quang Nam specialties, which are among 121 dishes recently honoured in the Journey to Search for Vietnamese Culinary Cultural Values.

Crushed rice cracker
Crushed rice cracker

At the same time, a Vietnamese culinary map has also been drawn, shaping the Vietnamese culinary brand step by step.

A project on building and developing Vietnamese culinary culture into a national brand was launched in 2022.

It aimed to shape the Vietnamese culinary cultural ecosystem, support and develop local culinary cultural ecosystems, and create values and benefits associated with the localities.

The project collects information about 1,000 typical Vietnamese dishes and digitalizes them in order to draw an online Vietnamese culinary map and an online Vietnamese culinary museum.

The first phase of the project finished in late September with 121 typical Vietnamese dishes, including 47 from Northern Vietnam, 37 from Central Vietnam, and the same number from Southern Vietnam.

Earlier, another online culinary map named Variations: Thousands of Ingredients, Millions of Vietnamese Dishes was published on September 8, 2023. It is aimed at introducing local culinary values to the public.

Reportedly, the 2nd phase of the project will focus on supporting localities to develop their culinary culture ecosystem. Thereby, the project will contribute to developing local culinary tourism.

Vietnam is planning to make it a global kitchen, building a brand of Vietnamese cuisine.

According to Nguyen Van Lanh, Deputy Chairman of the People’s Committee of Hoi An (Quang Nam), the city has a plan for making it a city of foods and festivals, along with a UNESCO creative city.

Till now, there has been no publication about Quang Nam cuisine. Quang Nam delicacies are cooked based on folk experiences instead of strict recipes, which makes them both interesting and challenging.

The bringing of Quang Nam delicates into a book is a way to make them more than delicious foods.

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Vietnamese typical dishes in Quang Nam


(QNO) - Three dishes in the Quang Nam culinary culture are recognised as Vietnam’s typical dishes, including Quang noodles, Cao lau, crushed rice crackers (bánh đập).

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