Using drones as pesticide sprayers


(QNO) - Using drones to pray pesticide in agriculture helps reduce production cost, limit environmental pollution, and protect farmers from pesticide.

A pesticide praying drone on the fields in Tam Xuan 2
A pesticide praying drone on the fields in Tam Xuan 2

Tam Xuan 2 commune is the key paddy area of Nui Thanh district (Quang Nam province).

Using drones to spray pesticide there is of the local authorities’ efforts relating to mechanization in agricultural production.

It isn’t the first time drones have been used to spray pesticide on two paddy fields- Con Tien and Cay Gang- of the area, of which all the farmers approve. Last March, drones were used to spray insecticide against rice blast there.

It takes a drone 1.5 hours to spray pesticide on an area of 5 hectares, which is done for 50 hours by hand.

The total amount of pesticide used by a drone is 0.5kg, down 0.5kg compared to the traditional spraying.

More importantly, using drones helps minimize bad impacts of pesticide on farmers’ health and the environment.