Thai Van Lich a village festival keeper


(VHQN) - The Thu Bon village festival - a 300-year-old festival annually takes place in the second lunar month in Duy Tan commune (Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province, Vietnam).

Despite ups and downs, Mr. Lich has always kept the ordinance. Photo: X.H
Despite ups and downs, Mr. Lich has always kept the ordinance. Photo: X.H

The village festival which is considered as a treasure of the village is partly preserved by a punctual and diligent man - Thai Van Lich. This 92-year-old man is assigned as a consultant to the sacrificial ritual board of the festival this year. Most of the residents in Thu Bon Dong village show their respect for Mr. Lich and his contributions to the festival.

In the commemoration of Lady Thu Bon, Mr. Lich is well-dressed, thurifying and respectfully offering Nguyen Dynasty’s ordinance to Lady Thu Bon altar. When the festival ends, he brings the ordinance back to his house and solemnly places it on an altar next to his ancestors’. He always reminds his descendants of Lady Thu Bon as a village ancestor and the ordinance to Lady Thu Bon as a village treasure.

As a person who used to work in the local government, Mr. Lich insists that village rules are sacred and must be respected by the local residents. He is considered a living history book of the village along the riverside in Duy Xuyen district, having a significant contribution to turning the Lady Thu Bon festival into a heritage. Mr. Thai Van Lich is now worried about who will continue to keep the festival alive when the old villagers pass away.