Souvenirs made of rags


SOI Handmade, which was jointly founded by Tran Thi Kim Soi, provides fashion accessories made of rags. It is the result of the plan to turn rags into souvenirs, which is of the public concern.

Tran Thi Kim Soi and her handmade products
Tran Thi Kim Soi and her handmade products. Photo:

Tran Thi Kim Soi- a fashion designer from Phu Yen province chose Hoi An for her start-up. She makes and sells handmade fashion accessories which are impressive to visitors to Hoi An.

The ideas came in 2017 when Soi saw a lot of rags thrown into the environment by the tailor’s in Hoi An city.

SOI handmade fashion accessories made of rags
SOI handmade fashion accessories made of rags. Photo:

She uses smaller pieces of cloth to make pretty small things such as hair ties, hair bands, headbands, hair clips and hair pins, and the larger ones to make scarfs, bags, wallets, crop tops, etc.

SOI handmade products are really unique because of the limited sizes and diverse shapes of the cloth pieces.

Fashion accessories made of rags
Fashion accessories made of rags. Photo:

However, it is this advantage that makes SOI Handmade face difficulty in mass production.

Besides the things made of rags, SOI Handmade provides paintings based on silk.


SOI Handmade products get big advantages of rich material resources and lower capital.

Moreover, the products help protect the environment, attracting more and more customers, especially the young.

Soi hopes to have an own sales channel in order to introduce more products from rags to the public, provide more jobs for the locals, and make more high-quality products such as clothes, bags, and toys.


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