Renovation to Japanese Covered Bridge


(QNO) - Japanese Covered Bridge- a symbol of Hoi An tourism city (Quang Nam province) has been approved to be renovated in the period of 2022-2023.

Japapanese covered bridge
Japapanese Covered Bridge

The project on renovation to Japanese Covered Bridge (Chua Cau) was approved by the Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee.

The funding for the renovation is over VND 20 billion from the budget of Quang Nam province and Hoi An city.

The renovation to Japanese covered bridge is carried out to preserve the ancient monument, contributing to the conservation of all the ancient quarter of Hoi An city, maintaining its long-term stability and sustainability, bettering the landsape, improving the environment, and enhancing the values of heritages.

Japanese Covered Bridge was recognised as a national cultural historic relic in 1990. The bridge plays an important role in Hoi An inner-city traffic besides its spiritual values.

However, it is falling into the increasingly serious deterioration, which has led to a lot of seminars and conferences in order to looking for an optimal restoration solution.

In 2019, Hoi An submitted the VND-20-billion project on Japanese Covered Bridge renovation to the Quang Nam provincial People’s Council.

It was not until April of 2021 that the project was arranged into the mid-term period of 2021-2025 and approved to be renovated on January 13, 2022.