Reactivation of the Covid-19 epidemic prevention measures


All people who are in public places (schools, hospitals, factories, markets, supermarkets…) are required to wear face masks as of December 1, 2020. It is necessary to consider the events with a lot of participants.

Reactivation of the Covid-19 epidemic prevention measures
Reactivation of the Covid-19 epidemic prevention measures

Covid-19 testing capacity

According to Quang Nam leaders, it is essential to reactivate the Covid-19 prevention measures in the complicated context of the epidemic.

Among them, testing capacity is paid more attention. Quang Nam’s capacity of testing Covid-19 is now improved, 4,500 samples a day.

During the 2nd Covid-19 outbreak, 5,400 monitoring groups in communities were formed for contact tracing for Covid-19 and suspected cases. They had a great contribution to the effective Covid-19 prevention and control in Quang Nam.

Besides, the supervision should be tightened, especially at seaports and airports. Moreover, food, particularly frozen one, imported from the countries affected by Covid-19 has been strictly controlled.

Face masks required in public places

Besides reactivating Covid-19 preventive measures as mentioned above, wearing face masks is required in public places in Quang Nam.

The Covid-19 preventive measures are also reactivated in accommodation services and sports activities. It is necessary to tighten the control in quarantine areas.

Workers are also required to wear face masks during their working time. Besides, the quick response teams, monitoring groups in communities and the quarantine areas should be ready to resume work.