Quang Nam provides mountainous people with disaster preparedness training


(QNO) - It is urgent and necessary to provide mountainous people with the disaster preparedness and response training in order to improve the efficiency of rescue and ensure their safety.

Flood in a mountainous area of Quang Nam
Flood in a mountainous area of Quang Nam

There have recently been several volunteer shock teams set up in Quang Nam mountainous regions. They are always ready for rescue when natural disasters occur.

However, most of them are lacking in basic skills of emergency response.

Reportedly, during the last rescues, several members of shock teams were swept away by floods or buried in rocks and soil due to lack of skills and facilities.

So, the training is highly appreciated when stormy season is drawing near.

Besides being provided with the knowledge and skills of natural disaster response, the shock forces are also supported with specialized equipment in rescue.

In addition, the Quang Nam provincial Steering Committee for Natural Prevention and Control has helped mountainous communes develop plans to respond to different levels of natural disasters in the context of Covid-19.


Natural disasters cost Vietnam 508 billion VND in first half


Hanoi (VNA) – A total of 508 billion VND (22.14 million USD) was lost due to natural disasters between January and June this year, according to the General Statistics Office (GSO).