Quang Nam: Going to the market without cash


(QNO) - Non-cash payment has been implemented in the markets in Quang Nam province. Customers can pay online via an application installed in their mobile phone instead of using cash.

Non-cash payment in Tam Ky city
Non-cash payment in Tam Ky city

Reportedly, the Department of Industry and Trade of Quang Nam in association with Viettel Quang Nam developed a non-cash payment application called Viettel Money that is applied in provincial markets.

The new method of payment contributes to the Covid-19 prevention and control.

Accordingly, customers using the application can scan QR code or their phone number for e-payment.

The pilot non-cash payment method has been deployed in Tam Ky market since March 22, then other markets in the province. According to small traders, the e-payment application is useful and convenient, especially in the complicated context of Covid-19.

E-payment is convenient in the digital era. It is also a way that makes people familiar with digital technology.