Quang Nam and diplomatic stories


(QNO) - The foundation and development of some cities in Quang Nam have been closely attached to the interaction with foreigners, contributing to the local global exchanges and cooperation.

Hoi An ancient international trade port
Hoi An ancient international trade port


Hoi An used to be well-known as a busy international trade port of the Inner Region under the Nguyen Dynasty around the early and mid- 17th century.

The residents in Hoi An at that time were famous for their hospitality. Besides, foreigners were attracted to Hoi An by the local fertile land the riches there.

International trading resulted in several Chinese club-houses and Japanese quarter formed in Hoi An. They now become heritages that are very attractive to visitors all over the world.

Another place, Thanh Chiem is known as the place where Vietnamese language was born. The Vietnamese language is the modern Latin writing system which seems to facilitate the international trading then and the global integration now.

Diplomatic city

Hoi An is not only well-known as a global attractive and impressive tourist attraction but also seen as a diplomatic city when it is listed on sustainable urban development projects at global level.

For example, Hoi An is the only city of Vietnam to be sponsored by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific to carry out the project on building urban economic resilience during and after Covid-19.

Besides, Hoi An has recently been proposed to build a global creative city, specialising in handicrafts, fine arts, and folk arts.

It aims to promote international cooperation between 246 members of the network, use cultural resources and creativity for sustainable urban development.

Hoi An has put forward a proposal for building Hoi An as a centre for foreign affairs because all foreign delegations and heads of state visit Hoi An when going to Quang Nam. Moreover, Hoi An is also twinned with a lot of cities around the world.

As can be seen, Hoi An is a city with a strong interference between Asian - European cultures, manifested in  Vietnam-Japan cultural space, and Vietnam-France cultural street, which both indigenous people and foreigners are popular with.

Korean Cultural Days in Hoi An in 2021
Korean Cultural Days in Hoi An in 2021

According to the Government of Quang Nam, Hoi An will be developed as a city of culture, ecology and international exchange.

Another city of Quang Nam province, Tam Ky also joins international exchanges, especially the friendship with Korea.

There have been a lot of cultural and socio-economic cooperation and support to develop Tam Ky city, including the project on building Tam Ky smart city financed by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

Besides, KOICA promises to call for Korean investment in transportation in Tam Ky city.


Vietnam- Laos friendship fair


(QNO) - On the occasion of the New Year (Bunpimay) festival of Laos, a special fair without money has just been held for Laotian people from Dak Cheung district (Sekong province) by the Quang Nam border guard.

KOICA supports Tam Ky to build smart city


(QNO) - A discussion on building Tam Ky smart city has just been organised by leaders of Tam Ky city (Quang Nam province) and experts from the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

Vietnam-Laos friendship


(QNO) - The friendship between Vietnam and Laos in general, Quang Nam and Lao localities in particular, has been more and more developed thanks to the Vietnam- Laos Friendship Association in Quang Nam province.