Preservation of traditional Ve ethnic wicker craft


(QNO) - Hien Dung is famous not only for his wicker skills but also for his contribution to Ve ethnic wicker craft preservation.

Hien Dung and his wicker products
Hien Dung and his wicker products. Photo:

Hien Dung was born and grew up in Nam Giang district (Quang Nam province). He learned how to make wicker products when he was a child and has become very skilled. His wicker products are very nice and become popular with local residents.

Ve wicker products are made of rattan, looking very beautiful. They are also considered one of the wicker masterpieces and durable products. Gùi (the basket carried on the back) is a typical tool used to carry small things, such as rice, knives, tobacco, and medicines on their journeys. Its lifespan may reach between 25 and 30 years.

Mr. Dung has always maintained his daily habit, wicker making. He works not only for profit but also for the preservation of his ethnic traditional craft.


Craft villages of the young


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Quintessence of craft villages and creative city


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Craftsmanship in Hoi An


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