My Son forest protection


(QNO) - Along with the heritage value promotion of My Son Sanctuary, the forest protection and wildlife preservation are also attached special importance.

Forest protection force around My Son Sanctuary
Forest protection force around My Son Sanctuary

My Son special-use forest is an ecological reserve with a variety of flora and fauna, including a lot of rare plant species such as makha tree, tracwood, ironwood, tanoak, madhuca, cluster fig, elephant apple, and over 30 species of orchids and medicinal herbs.

Besides, different indigenous species have also been planted to make the forest there meet the criteria for a special-use forest, creating good habitats for wild animals.

They are all considered as a valuable resource for tourism development.

According to the Management Board of My Son Sanctuary, the staffs of forest protection always watch over the forest to prevent deforestation, forest fires, animals from traps, and illegal exploitation of forest products.

At the same time, the propaganda is done to raise the local awareness of forest and wildlife protection.


Restarting My Son tower restoration project


(QNO) - After being stuck at home due to Covid-19, Indian experts have just returned to Quang Nam to complete the final phase of the project on preservation and restoration of the group A at My Son Sanctuary (Quang Nam province).