Ma Chau silk weaving


(QNO) - Tran Thi Yen and her father- Tran Huu Phuong  are the ones who try to preserve the traditional silk weaving in Ma Chau village (Nam Phuoc town, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province).

Tran Thi Yen
Tran Thi Yen and Ma Chau silk

Ma Chau silk weaving village, which was born in the 16th century, used to be in the danger of disappearance.

On the journey of the Ma Chau silk brand rediscovery, Yen recognized the importance of meeting the needs of the market.

Beside making silk, she decided to produce linen and bamboo textile to reduce costs.

At the same time, she introduced her products to fairs and shops in big cities and on social networks.

In addition, Yen convinced several young designers to use Ma Chau silk for their collections.

As a result, Ma Chau silk has gradually been accepted by the market. More and more products have been sold.

To improve the quality of the product, Yen invested more modern equipment in the plant, including a digital programming technology weaving patterns on natural silk fabrics and a system of drying and dying using herbs.

Currently, Yen provides about 3,000 meters of fabric. Several famous fashion brands choose Ma Chau fabric for their designs.

2018 was the year marking the birth of the Ma Chau silk visual identity. Also in this year, Ma Chau silk was selected as the only brand in Vietnam to be protected as a global brand by the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) and the Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA).

Three years later, Ma Chau silk scarf was recognized as a 4-star OCOP product of Quang Nam province.


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